At Creative Hearts Art we believe everyone was born creative. Yes, you too! Whether you are a musician, dancer, painter or designer within the traditional sense of ‘schooled’ creativity – or whether you find innovative creative solutions for the task at hand in law, education, cooking or construction – your brain is wired to create and your soul is satisfied when you release part of yourself into everything you do. You were created in the image of a creative God and that you cannot escape. But! Perhaps something somewhere dumped a bucket of ice on your creativity? And you need a hand finding your way back to the true you?
At Creative Hearts Art we are interested in bringing forth your creativity. We have organised a myriad of workshops, courses and classes to help you. Ask us which ones are best for you to thrive on your art journey.
We also enjoy sharing our artistic creations with you in exhibitions and events. Come and play. See. Soak it in. Dream. Be inspired. Feast! Feed your creative heart.
Our Team of Local Artists would love to say Hi when you drop into our Gallery space or Workshop space:
Wendy Manzo at
Rocio Alexandra
Nicola McClue
Maria Smith