Come and discover two gallery showrooms of original art by local Gold Coast artists! Creative Hearts Art also run fun art workshops for beginners, their tutors will guide you through every step of creating your own masterpiece.

Creative Hearts Art believe everyone was born creative. Yes, you too! Whether you are a musician, dancer, painter, or designer within the traditional sense of ‘schooled’ creativity – or whether you find innovative creative solutions for tasks in law, education, cooking or construction – your brain is wired to create, and your soul is satisfied when you release creativity into everything you do. Creative Hearts Art help you thrive in your art or writing journey through a myriad of workshops, courses, and classes.

Come and enjoy the artistic creations in regular exhibitions and events. See. Soak it in. Dream. Be inspired. Feed your creative heart!

Local artists are there every day to say ‘Hi’ when you drop into our Gallery space:

Wendy Manzo at

Natasha Castelijn at

Sonia Farrell at

Rocio Alexandra

Maria Smith

Anne Baritichi